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What is the name of the entity?
The insurance protocol was launched in May of 2019.
Anyone can purchase insurance cover or contribute capital to the pool for future rewards if they choose to do so. The power over the pooled resources is being transitioned to the individual people. The mutual is owned by its members and anyone can participate.

Who are the founding members of NXM?
Hugh Karp was the founder of NXM.
He was an actuary at Nab Health.

What makes NXM unique?
A level of protection that can help avoid losses is provided by Nexus Mutual.
Smart contract covers provided protection for value storing contracts.
The membership rights, along with the ability to participate through claim and risk assessments and governance, are represented by the NXM token.
Users can vote on whether or not a certain claim needs to be paid out.
One of the responsibilities of members is to assess the risk of smart contracts.
Members can vote on smart contracts based on how secure they think each contract is.

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How many coins are in circulation?
The maximum supply data is not available, while the circulating supply is 6 million.

How is the network secured?
People can share risk without the need for an insurance company with the help of the Nexus Mutual network.

Where can you buy nxm?
In March 2021, the only market for NXM was Nexus Mutual.
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