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What is Nuls (NULS)?

Nuls is a publicly available, community-driven, open-source blockchain platform. It has a modular architecture with various modules, which include, among other things, smart contracts and a multi-chain system

These modules can work with private blockchains and can be configured to achieve various industrial goals. 

The Nuls blockchain uses the Proof-of-Credit (PoC) protocol developed by the Nuls development team. Nuls claims that this is the first consensus of its kind. 

The platform provides support for replacing the main modules and integrating new functional modules into the consensus. Proof-of-Credit works similarly to the Proof-of-Stake consensus, which means that users will have to lock their NULS tokens in order to participate in the NULS mining network.

Who created Nuls (NULS)?

The Nuls project is managed by the Singapore-based company NULS Foundation Pte. Ltd. The NULS Foundation Pte. Ltd was founded in 2017 by Lin Yang and co-founder Lily Wang. Lin has 8 years of programming experience, having demonstrated his skills working with Java, Scala, Golang and PHP.

In July 2018, Lisa Huang joined the NULS Foundation as its new CEO.

What is the uniqueness of Nuls?

The Nuls platform is divided into two parts: a microkernel and functional modules. The microkernel serves as the basis of the entire network, and functional modules provide a configurable modular infrastructure. Nuls wants to fill the gap between public and private blockchains, allowing users to create and modify plug-in subcains according to their needs.

The platform is designed with ease of implementation in mind. Developers will be able to use the main chain as a base with several customizable modules. This will give developers the freedom to choose their own rules for configuring modules and creating projects according to their skills.

Nuls has also integrated a smart contract virtual machine (NULSVM) into its blockchain. The virtual machine is located between the internal infrastructure modules and external service modules. Nuls smart contracts are implemented by various high-level applications and are calculated by NULSVM. 

Smart contracts are designed to adapt to various programming languages, which allows developers to develop programs in the desired languages.

How many Nuls Tokens (NULS) are in circulation?

With the maximum offer - 121,209,667 NULS, there are - 101,852,282 tokens in circulation.

At the moment, the cost of NULS is - 0.27866325 USD, the daily trading volume is 1,719,250 USD, and the market capitalization is 28,382,487 USD.

How is the Nuls network protected?

Nuls serves as the base structure for all the subchains that are built on it. It provides all the necessary tools in the form of modules that allow developers to configure their sub-chains with their own consensus rules and tokens.

NULS also uses its own consensus mechanism, called Proof-of-Credit, which provides reliable network protection.