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What is NuCypher?
NuCypher is an access control and key management system.
NuCypher allows users to share private data between a number of participants in public consensus networks.
The native token NuCypher is used on the larger NuCypher network.
The NU token is used to run a NuCypher worker node.
Nu is used on the network to participate in the NuCypher DAO. The protocol that controls network parameters is called the NuCypher DAO.

Who are the founding members of NuCypher?
The co-founding of NuCypher was done by Mikhail Egorov and MacLane Wilkison.
The CTO of NuCypher was Egorov.
MacLane is the CEO of NuCypher.
In the summer of 2016 both Egorov and MacLane were at Y Combinator.
NuCypher launched a private testnet.
The public testnet of NuCypher started in October. The public testnet began in January 2020.

What makes NuCypher unique?
NuCypher was not designed to serve customers, better transactions, or the like, but was created for other blockchains.
NuCypher has a privacy infrastructure with proxy re-encryption, threshold signatures, distributed key generation, and other threshold cryptography.
Users can grant and deny access to data with multiple users at a time using the NuCypher network. NuCypher's service gives almost unparalleled security for sensitive data transfer.
NuCypher's cryptographic libraries include;

The Umbral threshold proxy re-encryption scheme is a reference implementation. NuBLS is a threshold BLS signature library. The rust-umbral is a Rust implementation of Umbral.

How many NuCypher (NU) coins are in circulation?
There was a total supply of 1 billion NU token at NuCypher's mainnet launch in October 2020.
The WorkLock is expected to get more than 200,000,000 NU token in April 2021.
There is a max supply of 3.89 billion.

The NuCypher Network is secured.
NuCypher is a layer 2 resource allocation protocol that uses a Proof-of-Stake mechanism.
NuCypher calls the network's distribution mechanism the WorkLock.
30 days is the minimum lockup period. NuCypher doesn't guarantee that staking for longer than one year will provide more benefits.

Where can you buy nucypher?
NuCypher is a popular online exchange.
The Pro is from Coinbase. The name of the company is Binance. There is a swap for UniSwap. Huobi It's hoo. OKEx Gate.io is a website. There is a hotbit. Exchange 1inch
If you are new to the area, you can find a simplified guide for buying and trading on more exchanges.