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What is my neighbor?
My Neighbor Alice is a farming-themed build-to-earn game. The game is a place where players can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items while also making new friends. Alice is the game's central figure and players can buy virtual real estate from her.
My Neighbor Alice wants to introduce a diverse gaming community to the traditional gaming market. The game does not require prior knowledge of the two technologies. Alice takes inspiration from a lot of popular sources. For example, daily in-game tasks and social aspects are inspired by Animal Crossing, whereas the role model for building mechanics is Minecraft.

Who are the people who created My Neighbor Alice?
Antler Interactive is a Swedish interactive mobile game studio. SVRVIVE Studios was a pioneer in the field of virtual reality and released titles such as Nova's Journey and Kartong - Death by Cardboard.
The game has raised more than $2 million in two rounds of funding, including $100,000 in an IDO round on DAO Maker.

What makes my neighbor unique?
My Neighbor Alice wants to be different in two ways. The unique style of the game that includes the character of Alice as an in-game friend makes the game more personable to casual players that are not familiar with classic gaming features.
The game has a wide target audience, including women, and players can engage in various activities to appeal to them.

There is a island called Snowflake Island. There is a Medieval Rest. Nature's rest. Lummestad There is a Sandy Coast. The island is submerged.
In-game items like houses, lakes, decorations, animals, plants, and others can be found on these islands, as well as virtual land in the form of NFT token. avatars can be changed with in-game items.
Players can boost their reputation by completing activities in the game.

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How many Alice coins are in circulation?
ALICE is the in-game currency that can be spent on items or virtual land. If a player decides to charge other players for visiting their virtual island, revenue can be generated. Only players who meet a certain threshold can stake ALICE. They can accumulate experience points for the token to earn ALICE.
The total supply of ALICE is 100 million.

There was a token sale. Reserve is used for staking rewards. There is an Ecosystem. Community and marketing make up 15% of the total. The team has 15%. In-game rewards are 8% of the platform reward. The user incentive is 5%.

How is the network secured?
My Neighbor Alice is powered by a layer-one blockchain that is used in conjunction with Unity to operate accounts, token transfers, and user progress.
The second layer is called Unity.
ALICE is a token that can be used on the Ethereum platform. The proof-of-work consensus mechanism requires miners to mine new ether and ensures that it is one of the safest in the industry.

Where can I buy Alice?
ALICE is available on a number of websites.