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What is multichain? There are people in this picture Multichain was born on the 20th of July 2020 to serve the clear needs of different and diverseBlockchains to communicate with each other. EachBlockchain has its own unique services that it provides, as well as its own community. There are people in this picture The solutions developed by Multichain allow all of them to work. There is no requirement to use chains. There are different Layer 2 chains that need finality to ether. There is a network of Parachains. There are Moonbeam in the PolkaDot system. COSMOS chains are known as Litecoin. It's Terra. Either these are integrated or on course for integration. There are people in this picture What makes the Multichain network secure? The Multichain network has SMPC nodes. A group of them must sign transactions together in order for this to happen, but they each only know part of the key. There are people in this picture How many people are in circulation and not in circulation? MULTI replaces ANY to be the governance token. MULTI token holders can vote in the governance of the community. The total supply of MULTI is 100 million as the fixed exchange rate is 1:1. The number of circulating supplies is 18,639,320. There will be governance votes in the future. There are people in this picture Only any can be swapped to MULTI, and this one-way swap is available on three of the major criptoms. Any-MULTI swap rules and procedures are available on Medium.