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What is MovieBloc?
MovieBloc was founded by Peter Kim and is driven by a Korean video streaming platform.
There is a mission and a vision.
MovieBloc's mission is to solve problems caused by the domination of the theatre and home entertainment industry by conglomerates. The creators will get a transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity; the viewers will access diverse films and content, and get rewarded for providing subtitles and marketing materials to the community. More than 100 movies and dramas have been shown.
In February 2020, MovieBloc took over the community service called Cobak in Korea and a mobile service that provides a token sale service. MovieBloc established MBL Media in 2020. It will focus on animation and movie content as its main business.
There is a launch date.
MovieBloc was listed on Gate.io on May 5, 2019. Within a year, MovieBloc has listed on several exchanges.
The Ontology mainnet has a platform called MovieBloc.
There is a token usage.
The MBL token is used for economic activity. Users are watching premium content. Creators are paying translators. Users donating to other participants. Users will be rewarded for illegal content report, film rating, film review.