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There is a box. The MOMOverse is a cross platform metaverse that can be enjoyed on all devices.

What is the name of the game?
The native utility token is called MBOX.
The MBOX token facilitates in-game purchases such as acquiring additional characters, lottery wheel, and incentives for in-game activity such as rewards for Player-versus- Player (PvP) battles.
The platform's development and direction will be influenced by the votes of token holders.
Users can stake in various pools on the platform to earn rewards.
Users can stake veMBOX for a chance to get unique MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes.

There are mallet mallets.
Minted through the unlocked boxes. It was used across all the games on the platform. Tiered according to rarity.

How many coins are in circulation?

Who are the originators of the protocol?

Where can I buy a token?
The price of the token can be bought on the platform. Or. Pancake swap can be used to buy MBOX token. Or. On their website, they have integration of Pancake swap.
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