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What is the location of the mines of Dalarnia?
The game Mines of Dalarnia has a real-estate market. MoD is a simple and captivating game where users can mine and combine in-game items, then use them to upgrade their characters, thereby increasing their rank in the game.
The task in Mines of Dalarnia is to uncover the secrets of the MoD universe. Users explore territories, mine resources and fight enemies.
Assets are non-fungible and can be traded on open markets.
Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game that is free to play.
The Mines of Dalarnia had a plan from Q3 2021.
Who are the founding fathers of Mines of Dalarnia?
Workinman Interactive developed the Mines of Dalarnia. Every year, the company works on hundreds of games and apps, developing the underlying technologies, product concepts, graphical interface, animation and sound.
Disney, Marvel, Nintendo, Atari, NBCUniversal, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Intel, and Pepsi are some of the notable global clients and partners that Workinman has.
The team has developed a number of products for the mobile, web and entertainment industries.
What makes mines of Dalarnia unique?
The goal of the developers is to form a solid community and attract people who are not familiar with the technology.
The main resources of the game are mines and lands, and there are two types of characters in the game - miners and landowners. Various types of tools and weapons are used for mining, the higher the power and capabilities of the equipment, the faster the resources are taken.
The NFT format is a key feature for maintaining the game's economy. Users can monetize their gaming experience by trading on external and internal marketplaces.
Users can be rewarded for active participation. Users receive passive income when they lease their land plots.
In MoD, players can purchase land and rent it out, receive profit, and use it to collect resources, as well as lease a plot of land and use it to collect resources.
The tiered structure that Mines of Dalarnia seeks to establish gives players the ability to influence the development of the ecosystem.
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Is it a new person?
How many Dalarnia coins are in circulation?
The native token of Mines of Dalarnia is called DAR and it has a maximum supply of 800,000,000 coins.
26% to Foundation and Marketing.
22% went to the Team and Advisors.
To play-to-earn is 20%.
15% to private sale.
There was a 14 percent to Liquidity & Ecosystem.
3% goes to the launchpool.
There are 123,200,000.00 $DAR in circulation.
Key features of DAR:/span>
Application: governance, tool updates, transaction fees and other in-game actions. There is a reward for collecting minerals and participating in contests.
MoD is owned by players and token holders, and users can influence the decision-making mechanisms and rules of the game.
Players earn DAR token by completing in-game quests and participating in competition.

How is the Dalarnia network secured?
The native token for Mines of Dalarnia is DAR, which has been deployed on the two blockchains. BSC is secured through the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and also supports staking. NFT image data is stored on the peer-to-peer IFPS.
Where can I buy mines of Dalarnia?
The Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is listed on several exchanges.
The top NFT collections are shown by sales volume.
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There are procedurally generated levels in Mines of Dalarnia.
The character is upgraded through mining equipment and character attributes. The current testnet is public, and we are one of the earliest builders in the game. For us as a game studio, we want to balance the fun gaming experience with the economics on the first day of the game.
Before any incentive program is published with regards to testnet, we have players mine for 6-7 hours in Mines of Dalarnia and record videos on YouTube.