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Is MCDEX (MCB) a thing?
The DEX for futures is built on the Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain. The MCDEX team says it is designed to prioritize security, self-custody, and censorship resistance. Anyone can trade or create new markets at will. MCDEX uses an automated market maker instead of using a traditional order book model. MCDEX can solve the liquidity problem by allowing anyone to provide liquid and make a reasonable profit.

Who are the people who started MCDEX?
MCDEX was launched by a man who used to work at a Chinese tech giant. He created a distributed system and created a mining software called Minerbabe. He launched two versions of MCDEX, one in 2020 and the other in 2019. The current V3 version is backed by several renowned investors.

What makes MCDEX unique?
The V3 version of the MCDEX product was launched on Arbitrum and allows users to enjoy excellent liquidity while paying minuscule fees. With up to 25X leverage on Arbitrum, users can trade up to 500ETH or 40BTC. They like the features of centralized exchanges, such as stop-loss and limit orders.
Permissionless creation of markets is another unique feature. Operators fulfill the role of creating markets and setting the initial parameters. Operators have to pay for or provide oracle services.
Another role is that of liquidity providers. Trading fees at a fixed ratio, profits from spread and slippage, funding payments paid by traders, and liquidation penalties are some of the benefits of being a Liquidity Provider.

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Keepers can take over accounts with insufficient margin and liquidate accounts that fall below the margin. Delegators cannot withdraw from their accounts.

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How many MCDEX coins are in circulation?
10 million is the total supply of MCB.

The team is 484K. Advisors: 75K. There is an angel investor. The price for the private token sale is 2.5USD/MCB.
The protocol's trading volume affects daily MCB issuance.
The daily trading volume is $8.7 million.
The daily trading volume is $10 million.
Daily trading volume may be 6,000 for investors and 3,525 for the general public.
The daily trading volume is $46 million.

How is the MCDEX network secured?
Immunefi has a bug bounty of up to $100,000. The protocol was audited by Certik. After several months of testing, the MCDEX V3 was finally launched.
One of the most popular speaches for DAOs is the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that requires miners to stake 32 ETH.
Arbitrum is a popular solution that works with rollups.

Where can I buy MCDEX?