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About Maro.
People can connect, cooperate, and propser in the world of Maro. Users can connect to the global economy with the help of an open blockchain infrastructure.
There is a mission.
There is a market where efficient value exchange can take place. The financial solution provided by Maro is accessible and secure. Maro provides an open and sustainable infrastructure.
The ecological system.
"Maro Blockchain" is a type of technology. There is a sustainable economy with a token. There is a protocol called theAcorn Protocol. There is an incentivizing mechanism for open network collaboration. There is a protocol called the Tigris Protocol. Decentralized finance solution for debts.
Key services are provided.
The app is easy to use and secure. Users can vote for Representatives, transfer assets, and make payments. The developer center has tools and information for developers. Users can use the tool to search all transactions made on the platform. The app is built for a broad user base. Users of all spectrum can use various DAPPs and enjoy a social network service.