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What is the name of the dog?
There is an open protocol that provides a high- performance network infrastructure.
There are some notable overlays that can be built. The block is low-latency to scale. The mempool sync is low. There are mesh networks. Anonymity networks are like mixnets. There are device responses to the API.
The native utility token is called POND. There are validators on the network. Voting on governance proposals to determine how network resources are allocated. Determining a set of network performance auditors and compensating users from an insurance fund in the event of a SLA breach.
The promise of a distributed web where applications secured via the blockchain are indistinguishable in terms of performance to users accustomed to Web 2.0.
Who are the people who created Marlin?

Siddhartha is the author of 2 US patents and worked at Microsoft and Adobe before founding Zilliqa.
The project has former researchers at the Ethereum Foundation and ICPC world medallists with experience at Facebook and Bosch. The former CEO of Bittorrent and professors at MIT are among its advisors.
What makes a person unique?
One of the few layer 0 projects focuses on network layer optimizations. The equivalent of an incentived libp2p is what Marlin claims to be.
There is a correlation between Marlin and the blockchain. It has gateways built for several platforms.

MPOND and POND are two token in the Marlin economy. There is a total supply cap of 10,000 for MPOND and 10,000,000,000 for POND. When sent 1 MPOND, the bridge will return 1,000,000 POND and vice-versa. Initially, 4,623 MPOND and 3,184,000,000 POND were created. The numbers may change over time due to conversions.
How is the network secured?

In addition to that. A network of third-party auditors with probes across the globe, pre-approved by the Pond DAO, provide constant performance and coverage monitoring for applications that demand higher reliability.
How can I get a job?
MPOND is distributed via a mechanism called FlowMint, which is a layer 0 project and true to its community ideals.