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What is the name of the person? The MBX token has technology applied to it. The MBX token is a Klaytn compatible token. The Klaytn technology features high transaction processing. KCT is a mainnet that assures reliability and transparency and is based on the Istanbul BFT consensus algorithm.
In terms of usage, the MBX token is used within the MARBLEX platform where users encounter key creators mostly around game token and MBX token. Publishers, game developers, and service providers are some of the key parties. The role of a service provider was added with the introduction of the MARBLEx token system. The game token structure enabled by the service provider allows users to experience both quality content provided by publishers and developers as well as the token economy based thereon.
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MARBLEx's mother company Netmarble has been leading the global game market with innovative attempts. It is a global game publisher that has produced a number of box office hits. At the 5th Netmarble Together with Press held on January 27, they raised expectations by introducing new business strategies under the theme ofBlockchain and metabus, with a total of 20 major lineups. Netmarble continues to provide high-quality game content to the MBX community, aiming for an environment where users can experience the original fun of the game and expect reasonable rewards. The Klaytn mainnet is the basis of the MBX currency.
MBX plans to connect with games of various genres and expand to NFT and metaverse in the future.