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What is the Manchester City fan token?
Socios.com built a fan token for Manchester City. The most popular of which is the PSG, as well as fan token for UFC and car racing, is created by Socios.
Manchester City decided to launch City in March of 2021. Its success will be dependent on the club's success on the pitch.

Who are the people who started the Manchester City fan token?
Socios.com is an app powered by Chiliz that allows sports fans to engage with their favorite clubs and associations. It was founded by the CEO of Chiliz. Dreyfus has founded and grown many web-based companies.
One of the most famous football clubs in England is Manchester City, which has four premier league titles and ten top 10 finishes in the last ten years.

What makes a Manchester City fan token unique?
The Manchester City Fan token gives fans access to unique club-specific rewards and experiences.
Fans can get a stake in the club's governance with the token if City is listed on Socios.com for trading.
The price and growth of CHZ influences the price and growth of CITY. The platform plans to introduce more features to fans in the future, such as the option to win prizes in contests and quizzes on Socios.com, as well as the ability to win rewards from the club.

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How many Manchester City fan token coins are in circulation?
3.5 million are in circulation.

The Manchester City Fan token network is secured.

Fans can vote in publicly audited polls on Chiliz, but only if they are in a protected environment with a proprietary crowd control mechanism.

When will Manchester City fan token trading begin?

Where can I buy a Manchester City fan token?

City and other fan token can be obtained by participating in games and using platform applications to hunt for them and earn them as rewards for interacting with the team.
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