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What is the Hifi Lending Protocol?
Hifi is a Lending Protocol that allows anyone to borrow. An on-chain obligation that settles on a specific future date is represented by a bond-like instrument by Hifi. Fixed-rate, fixed term lending and borrowing can be achieved with the help of buying and selling tokenized debt.
Mainframe token is a native utility token.
There are governance votes. Ensuring the safety of the protocol. Rewarding contributors to the system.
What can you do with the Hifi Lending Protocol?
To earn trading fees, you need to provide liquidity between debt token and stable coins on an AMM.

Is there any MFT token in circulation?
Hifi launched its token with a supply cap of 10B.

Who is the originator of the Hifi Lending Protocol?
Mick Hagen founded Hifi.

The team was rebuilt by Doug after he acquired the token streaming protocol Sablier.
Where can I buy a Mainframe token?
Cryptocurrencies and stable coins are currently available for trading on a growing number of exchanges.
As of February 2021, Upbit has a KRW pair, while Bittrex and Binance have the largest amount of liquidity. Are you new to cryptocurrencies?