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What is the Loom Network?
The Loom Network is a service that is built on top of theEthereum and allows developers to run large-scale applications.

You have the ability to interact with third parties who are not on a chain.
They can easily integrate their applications with the outside world.
The Loom Network is powered by a scaling solution that allows for faster transactions.

Who are the founding members of Loom Network?

Matthew Campbell is a principal of the Loom Network.
The founder and CEO of Auragin is also the chief marketing officer at Loom Network. He founded Korea JobFinder and worked as a developer at Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.
Prior to co-founding Loom Network, he was a lead developer at BlockMason, a developer at Workopolis, and a prototyping expert at ShiftHub.

What makes Loom Network unique?

The applications can have specific consensus mechanisms for their needs.
The LOOM token is used to get access to all of the apps that run on the Loom Network.

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The Loom Network is secured with a ZkLoom protocol. One of the most popular open-sourced networks for smart contracts is the Ethereum network, which is backed by the second largest coin. You don't have to trust validators anymore, and can rely on security guarantees.

How many Loom Network are there in circulation?
LOOM is the digital token that is used to pay for services on the Loom Network and it is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC-20 standard.
The LOOM token is earned by users who engage with DAPPS on the Loom Network.
The maximum supply of LOOM is 1 billion.

Where can I buy Loom Network?
The top exchanges for trading in Loom Network are listed below.
The VCC Exchange.
It's a pro.
Bittrex is a drug.
You can find other people at our page.