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What is the look like?
LooksRare is a community-first NFT marketplace that focuses on rewarding traders, collectors and creators. The platform was founded by NFT people for NFT people.
The approach is defined by three pillars.

Users buying or selling NFTs on the platform receive rewards. 100% of platform fees go to stakers. At the moment of sale, creators receive royalty payments.
Modular smart contracts allow the platform to roll out new features over time.

Who are the people who created LooksRare?
A total of 14 team members are listed on LooksRare, with their identities hidden behind pseudonymous accounts.
The SushiSwap DEX was founded by a pseudonymous account called "Chef Nomi." Similar to LooksRare, the SushiSwap DEX faced a bigger and more resourceful platform in Uniswap, which it tried to displace.

What makes looks rare?
LooksRare is different from platforms like Open Sea and Open Dao in several ways.
It differentiates itself from OpenSea by offering a different culture and approach to NFTs. OpenSea has faced criticism over its business strategy, and LooksRare tries to compete with a more democratic and user oriented culture.
Second, LooksRare is different from other community-oriented projects by offering a platform that looks and feels professional. Users on LooksRare can trade NFTs directly from their wallet. They can start buying and selling single NFTs after connecting to the website. If the owner has listed an NFT for sale, users can bid for them at fixed prices.
LooksRare wants to compete with OpenSea by offering a flat 2% fee on all trades.
The trading rewards follow the emission schedule.
There are 195,000 blocks in Phase A.
There are 585,000 blocks in Phase B.
There are 1,600,000 blocks in Phase C.
There are 2,346,250 blocks in Phase D.

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How many looks rare coins are in circulation?
The platform has a governance token called LOOKS.

The treasury funds make up 10% of the Ecosystem development. There is a team of 10%. There was a strategic sale. The management of liquid assets is 1.3%). The ANC has 5% of its assets in cash. Airdrops are 5%.
LOOKS will reach its total supply after two years. There is a 2% transaction fee in WETH collected by the platform.

How is the LooksRare Network secured?
LooksRare is secured by a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that requires miners to mine new ether. There is a set of undetonated nodes on the platform. The protocol uses on-chain standards and has been designed for security.

Where can you buy looks rare?
Looks can be found on OKX, UniSwap(V2), Bitget, FTX, Bybit and Huobi Global.