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Locus Chain. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.01573313

LOCUS CHAIN is what it is, what is it? The Locus Chain aims to be the most widely used Next Generation Layer 1 Public Blockchain Protocol. Locus Chain claims to be the first public chain to solve the trilemma of Decentralization.
LOCUS token? The Locus token type before the mainnet is a token with a smart contract. We will be using hashed time-locked contracts to allow swaps of Locus token from the public network to the Locus Chain mainnet. The Locus Chain network will require LOCUS for all of its operations. The entire network economy uses LOCUS as a payment method. validators, developers, and users use the LOCUS network's token system to receive rewards.
There is a LOCUS Ecosystem. Locus Chain is being developed by top developers and high profile business partners. Locus Chain allows users to use a simple linkage to use the verification service. In the future, technology licensing will be carried out in the areas of smart cities, smart factories, and smart grids based on vast amounts of data, since it is a high-performance public blockchain platform. There is a LOCUS has special technology. AWTC is an account-wise transaction chain.
The Account-Wise-Transaction-Chain is a central data structure for Locus Chain's high capacity, distributed transaction processing. AWTC is a data structure composed of multiple transaction chains for an account. Each account has its own chain. There are as many points as the number of accounts to which the transaction is added, and only the owning account can record it. If the account holder is not a malicious user, the transaction is almost confirmed as soon as it is added. The Locus Chain's ledger structure is one of the main technical features that can be used to solve the problem of delayed transaction processing.
POS - BFT Consensus Algorithm is used. * The Locus Chain first implemented a BFT definitive consensus on the DAG by attempting to consent on a small amount of historical points of time. The new proposer committee is selected based on the probability of being elected as a committee on the basis of a random function.
Pruning isifiable.
Locus Chain's Verifiable Pruninng uses a Skewed Merkle Tree structure to verify the legitimacy of the data even when most of the previous data is deleted in the local environment.
Dynamic shuffling is done.
Locus Chain has a ledger structure that makes it easy to adjust the number and size of the shards, and the validator ratio, in the event of an imbalance between shards. When the number of shards is N, network usage is reduced to 2/N.
The creators of LOCUS. The Blueside Engine, Korea's first commercial game engine, was developed by the key development members of the Locus Chain. Locus Chain technology is used to process large amounts of network traffic.