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What is linear?
Linear is a protocol that can instantly create synthetic assets.
The protocol consists of various products like Linear.Buildr, a DApp used to manage Liquids.
The main purpose of the LINA token is to be used for Liquids and for community governance of the protocol.
The main goal of Linear is to provide a superior user experience with better scalability and greater speed thanks to the cross-chain capabilities of the protocol.

Who are the founding fathers of Linear?

Liquefy is a platform that offers access to tokenized securities by lowering the barriers to entry.
Kevin Tai was the vice president of Credit Suisse in Hong Kong.

What makes Linear unique?
Users can access other supported chains and transfer assets to them through the Linear Finance protocol.
Liquids are minted using LINA token as the base. Customers can use other digital assets to cover 20% of the base.
Linear Finance users will eventually be able to access synthetic traditional assets.
Linear Finance has one of the most unique features, which is its proposed liquidation mechanism.

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How many Linear (LINA) Coins are in circulation?
The total supply of LINA is 10 billion. Linear uses an inflationary system with a decreasing rate until a terminal floor is reached.
Linear Finance received an investment from several seed investors.
40% of the total supply is reserved for staking rewards, 15% for Linear Finance and 10% for the ecosystem.

How is the Linear Finance Network secured?

The LinearDAO was created to give LINA holders the power to vote on proposals that help ensure the Linear Finance ecosystem develops along the path desired by its users.

Where can you buy linear finance?
LINA is listed on a number of popular centralized exchanges.
If you want to purchase LINA or other cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card, you should check out our simple guide.