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Lido DAO. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 2.32386329

What is Lido?
Lido is a liquid solution.
LDO is a native utility token.
The Lido DAO has governance rights. Fee parameters and distribution are managed.

How many LDO Coins are in circulation?

Lido launched its staking app in December of 2020. The founding members of the Lido DAO have a majority of the LDO token. They will be vested over a year after being locked for a year.
The allocation is as follows. The treasury of the DAO is 36.3%. The investors were 22.18%. There are validators and signature holders. Initial Lido developers are 20%. Future employees are 15%.

Who are the people who founded Lido?
Lido allows users to earn staking rewards without maintaining a staking infrastructure.
Lido DAO members include Semantic VC, ParaFi Capital, Libertus Capital, Terra, Bitscale Capital, StakeFish, StakingFacilities, Chorus, P2P Capital and KR1.

Where can I buy LIDO?
LDO is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges.
As of January 2021, Uniswap has the highest market for LDO, while 1inch has a DEX-aggregated market for the LDO token.
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