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RAMP DEFI is a leverage trading platform. The team behind RAMP DEFI changed their name to adjust to the changing market.
A product that provides value by allowing users to trade and yield farm at the same time is what the team behind LeverFi hopes to create. The traders who borrow to leverage trade up to 10X earn an interest from the lender.
BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and more are EVM compatible chains.

Who are the people who started the company?
The Singapore-based RAMP DEFI project was founded in 2019. The platform was re-christened and launched three years later. Lawrence started his career in the traditional finance world.
The marketing lead of the project is a graduate of the Singapore Management University with a B.B.A in Finance Wealth Management.

What makes LeverFi unique?

In order to trade with larger positions, users can deposit their collateral as single assets, such as Bitcoin, and unify it with their other assets.
The platform supports users who partake in pair trading or hedging with leverage, as well as allowing users to utilize the platform in conjunction with DEX.
The trade fees are 1%. There are routes that trade to pre-existing DeFi protocols. When a user longs an asset on the platform, the asset is bought on a liquid secondary market via DEXs.

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How many pennies are in circulation?
The LEVER token is used for governance. There is a maximum supply of 35 billion token. If users lock up LEVER for 6 months to 48 months, they can participate in governance of the protocol.

How is the network secured?
The platform is based on the internet. The coin is secured by the PoW consensus mechanism. It has been announced that the ether merge is likely to take place in September of 2022.

LEVER trading will begin when.

Is it possible that LEVER can hit $1?
The token traded at an all-time-high of $0.0053 four days after it was launched. Despite seeing a 15% spike in price, the token has experienced a decline in value. If the protocol rewards accrue to the LEVER token, it would make it an attractive holding.

Where can you buy liquid?
You can buy LEVER on the leading centralized exchanges.