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What is League of Kingdoms?
League of Kingdoms is a Massively Multiplayer Online game.
During the game, users can build kingdoms, raise armies, form alliances and compete on the battlefields for power and wealth.

LOKA token went live in January of 2022. The game was launched in July of 2021.

Who are the League of Kingdoms' founding fathers?
The CEO of NOD Games is Chan Lee, who is also the co- founder of League of Kingdoms. One of the best higher educational institutions in South Korea is the Pohang University of Science and Technology.
NOD Games has a chief technology officer and a game developer.

League of Kingdoms is unique.
League of Kingdoms offers a wide variety of in-game content and modes, as well as a play-to-earn economy, which appeals to both mainstream and enthusiast players.
All of the land in the game is represented by NFTs.
League of Kingdoms requires well-thought-out governance to ensure long-term sustainable prosperity. The platform will gradually decentralize to the DAO to ensure fair distribution of control and value in the community.
They are companions to kingdoms and can participate in a variety of activities. They will become a foundation for the project's play-to-earn economy further enhancement. It's a requirement for players to be able to earn DST. LOKA and DST are required to breed a dog.

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There is a game running on the Loom Network.

How many LOKA Coins are in circulation?
The total token supply is 500,000,000 LOKA and the current circulating supply is 46, 243,000 LOKA.

The team has 20% of the total supply. 19% is set aside to fund further growth. 10% is in the company's reserve. 6% went towards the private sale. 5% is given out through the public sale. The 13% is dedicated to reward skill and tactics. 5% is allocated for Landowner rewards. 20% is reserved for stacking rewards. 2% was given to advisors.

The League of Kingdoms Network is secured.
The League of Kingdoms is a layer 2 solution on the Polygon/Matic network and is an ERC-20 standard token.

When will LOKA trading start?
The League of Kingdoms became available for purchase in January.

Is LOKA able to hit $10?
The League of Kingdoms is currently trading at around 1.76 The game is played in more than 200 countries around the globe and its active player count has increased from 4,000 in July to 150,000 in March.

Where can you buy LOKA?
The League of Kingdoms can be purchased on the following exchanges.
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