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LAZIO S.S. Lazio Fan Token
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    S.S. Lazio Fan Token
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LAZIO is a Lazio fan token.
The LAZIO Lazio Fan token is a fan token by the world's biggest and most popular exchange. Socios is the company that created fan token for several other football clubs, such as Paris Saint-Germain, and fan token for the UFC and car racing. The popularity of fan token allows them to affect decisions, access exclusive promotions, and gain recognition by the club. The deal with Lazio was worth over 30 million euros, with the option to extend it for a third year.
We are very pleased with the new international collaboration.
The fan token can be used to track the performance of the players on the pitch, with wins boosting demand and the price.

Who are the people who started the Lazio fan token?
Lazio is one of Italy's most prestigious and long-standing clubs with a rich history. Lazio has a number of titles, including two Seria A titles and seven Coppa Italia titles. Changpeng Zhao is the current CEO of the world's biggestcryptocurrencies exchange. The BNB token is one of the most valuable on the market. In December of 2020, a partnership was struck with Socios, the company behind other fan token, which saw its launchpad act as a distribution platform for new fan token.

Lazio fan token is unique.
Lazio fan token is similar to the model used by other football clubs. It gives fans access to earn unique club-specific rewards and experiences and represents ownership of a voting right. Fans can influence specific decisions, such as determining the message on the captain's armband. Fans can win exclusive access to the club.
Fans benefit from more accessibility and lower transaction costs by launching on the Binance Smart Chain.

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How many LAZIO Coins are in circulation?
10% of the 40 million LAZIO will be sold to the public at a price of $1 for 1 LAZIO.

The Lazio fan token network is secured.
LAZIO will be a BEP-20 token.
The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used to secure BSC.

When will Lazio fan token trading begin?
LAZIO will be launched on October 21. BNB can be kept in users' accounts to make them eligible for LAZIO. The amount of LAZIO allocated to each user is determined by the balance of BNB.

Where can you buy Lazio fan token?
LAZIO will be available.
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