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What is Kyber Network?
Kyber Network is a multi-chain hub of protocols that provide secure and instant transactions on any application.
KyberSwap.com provides the best swap rates for traders in DeFi compared to individual exchanges. It allows providers of high capital efficiency to maximize earnings. KyberSwap is able to get the best rates for traders on different DEXes.
KyberSwap does not require account sign-up or personal information.
KyberSwap has different features, such as the instant settlement of token swaps, which can be built into projects.
The Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token is a utility and governance token that is the "glue that connects different stakeholders in Kyber's ecosystem." KNC holders can stake their token in the KyberDAO to help govern the platform and vote on important proposals.

Who are the founding members of Kyber Network?
The Kyber Network is built on top of the ether ledger. Vitalik Buterin was an advisor to the project.
Victor is the CEO of Kyber Network. He is an experienced Linux system administrator.
The current Chairman of Kyber Group is Loi Luu. He is an advisor for various projects. He co-founded and developed a number of projects, including the first open-sourced security analyzer for smart contracts.
Yaron Velner is the current CEO of B.Protocol and was a researcher.
The Kyber team has employees from engineering, product, marketing, strategy, and business development.
What makes Kyber Network unique?
KyberSwap.com gives traders access to the best prices from multiple sources and allows them to earn fees with the best capital efficiency and returns.
KyberSwap launched the world's first dynamic market maker protocol in 2021.
The next-gen AMM Elastic protocol was launched with a number of features. These protocols help KyberSwap providers maximize their capital as they can mimic much higher levels of liquidity, achieving better capital efficiency, slippage, and volume. Absorbers can enjoy low slippage on their trades, while providers can earn more fees relative to their contribution size.
KyberSwap is designed for developers. Its protocols can be used with any DeFi use case and possibility. KyberSwap has flexibility because no single protocol can fit the needs of all market participants.
KyberSwap uses artificial intelligence and on-chain metrics to help traders make smarter and more informed trading decisions.
New growth and value-capture opportunities and incentive mechanisms are decided by the KNC token holders. KNC holders can vote on important proposals through KyberDAO.
How many Kyber Network Coins are in circulation?
Kyber Network has a total supply of 222.36 million KNC. Over 160 million token are in circulation.
On September 15, 2017, Kyber concluded its initial coin offering, raising $52 million by selling each KNC token at a price of 0.00166 ETH.
The Kyber Network is secured.
KNC is built on top of and secured by the ether block.
The KyberSwap and KyberDAO platforms, as well as KNC, have been audited by several third-party security firms and researchers, which helped to determine that these various Kyber components are secure.
Where can I buy Kyber Network?
KNC can be purchased and traded on a variety of exchange platforms.
If you're looking for a guide on how to buy KNC token, check out our detailed guide.