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What is Klaytn? Klaytn is focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and creator economy.
The Klaytn Growth Fund supports these expansion activities in order to grow the ecosystem built on Klaytn.
Klaytn is unique.
The package is an end-to-end metaverse developer. Klaytn offers an end-to-end metaverse package that includes customized L2 solutions, SDKs and smart contract libraries, IPFS solutions, wallet, chain explorers, oracles and bridges.
There is a one-second deterministic finality. Klaytn uses a version of Istanbul BFT that enables transactions to achieve absolute finality within a second, allowing for responsive user experiences and enabling use cases where near-instant and irreversible finality is necessary.
Klaytn has a data guarantee. There is a small chance that a transaction recorded on the chain can be reversed. This makes them unsuitable for mission-critical applications.
There is support for the equivalency of the two systems. Klaytn supports EVM as one of the emerging standards for the metaverse and Web3. Klaytn's technical stack is equivalent to the ethereum stack. To inherit any improvements made to their open-source codebases, build on top of existing ethereum clients and interface libraries. Both the Klaytn Improvement Proposals and the Ethereum Improvement Proposals can be enabled to contribute to the other ecosystems.
A unique governance structure. Klaytn has a unique take on decentralization. The GC members form a compact validator network that is able to deliver the benefits of a public ledger while maintaining the performance of a permissioned one.
Service chains have built-in scalability. The hub-and-spoke model is one of the leading solutions for scaling. Klaytn's spokes can be tailored for specific DApp requirements such as high throughput, special node configurations, or custom security levels.
The fund is $1 billion. Klaytn has set aside a total of $1 billion to support the growth of the platform. The Klaytn Improvement Reserve is for infrastructure, tools and services that improve the Klaytn network. The Klaytn Growth Fund is for projects with high potential for positive impact on Klaytn. Builders of smart contracts that contribute to the growth of on-chain activities will be rewarded with the Proof of Contribution.
It's the preferred enterprise-level blockchain. Klaytn is the preferred blockchain for enterprises and enterprise-level use cases, counting industry giants such as Japan's GMO Internet Group, Indonesia's Salim Group, and mobile gaming giants Netmarble and WeMade amongst our partners.
Who are the people who started Klaytn? Klaytn was developed and launched by GroundX, a subsidiary of the largest mobile platform in Korea.
Klaytn Foundation was established to accelerate global adoption of Klaytn.
What is KLAY? The Klaytn protocol relies on the native digital asset KLAY. Klaytn was launched with 10 billion KLAY and there are 2.6 billion KLAY coins in circulation. The Klaytn Governance Council Reward is 34%. Klaytn Growth Fund is a fund. Klaytn Improvement Reserve is 12%.
Where can you buy KLAY? KLAY can be traded on a growing number of exchanges. Bithumb and many other companies offer stable coins andcryptocurrencies.
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