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What is Keep3rV1?
Keep3rV1 is a platform that facilitates coordination between projects that need to source outside development operations and those who can provide those services. The project serves as a job board that facilitates the interaction between job posters and job executors. The tasks performed by Keepers range from submitting and calling transactions on-chain to completing complex operations off-chain.
The project was announced in October of 2020.

Who are the people who created Keep3rV1?
The founder of Keep3rV1 is an application developer who rose to prominence following the launch of DeFi project yearn.finance and the rapid growth of its governance token, YFI.
Cronje was the head of innovation and technology at the Fusion Foundation, where he led initiatives related to technology partnerships and implementations.
Cronje has stated that his goal in launching new platforms is to empower developers, not speculators, by providing them with easy-to-use products and design templates.

What makes Keep3rV1 unique?
Keep3rV1 wants to reduce the upkeep faced by projects that use large numbers of smart contracts. There is a The network relies on Keepers, who provide smart contracts that can execute transactions. To use the platform, a project submits a smart contract that is reviewed and approved by a Keeper and locked in the platform. Projects can set rules regarding which Keepers may take a job, such as requiring a minimum bond or number of already completed jobs.
Cronje said that Keep3rV1 has the added benefit of allowing for the development of DAPPS that would otherwise not be possible, including MetaWallet and Unihedge.

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How many Keep3rV1 (KP3R) Coins are in circulation?
The project did not have an initial coin offering or token generation event. When Uni swap is used, the platform's liquidity is provided. At the project's launch, Keep3rV1 had $5.5 million in liquid assets.
Bonded Keepers are responsible for governance of the project's treasury. The platform charges a fee to each non-KP3R transaction.

How is the Keep3rV1 network secured?
Keep3rV1 is a platform that uses a governance token. Any on-chain KP3R transactions can be verified with the help of the ethereum block.
Keepers within the Keep3rV1 platform are responsible for approving and managing jobs, as well as resolving disputes and blacklisting bad actors.
The project's smart contracts were audited by a security company before they went live.

Where can you buy Keep3rV1?
It can be traded against WETH andUSDC on Uni swap.
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