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What is Kava?

The Kava Network uses a co-chain architecture.
The two co-chains are connected by a translator module that allows them to work together in a single network.
The Kava Network has a native governance and utility token, KAVA, that can be staked by validators. Stakers and delegators get 37.5% of all KAVA emissions as a reward for securing the network.

Who are the people who founded Kava?
Kava Labs contributes to the Kava Network.
Kava Labs was founded by Brian Kerr and others.
Scott Stuart is the current CEO of Kava Labs.

At Levelworks, O'Donnell worked as an engineer and data analyst.

What makes Kava unique?
The Kava Network uses a co-chain architecture that delivers the development power of Ethereum and the low transaction fees of Cosmos in a single network.
The Kava Network helps developers. Developers can build and deploy on either of the two most used permissionless execution environments in the world using the EVM-compatible Ethereum Co-Chain or the Cosmos Co-Chain.
An on-chain incentive model ensures that the best developers and projects in every Web3 vertical are rewarded for their contributions with a proportional share of the value and governance of the network.
Developers can use Solidity smart contracts to connect their project to every major asset and millions of users in the same network.

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Kava's core architecture is based on the ATOM network, which enables the IBC protocol.
Another Layer-1 block that uses a subnet approach to deliver discreet execution environments is called Avalanche.
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How many Kava coins are in circulation?
Out of a currently uncapped maximum supply, there are 158 million KAVA token in circulation.
There are no remaining investors or teams that have unlocked KAVA.
The developer incentives amount to 62.5%. 37.5% of the rewards are staked.
The KAVA token was launched after several private sales and an initial exchange offering.
25% of the initial KAVA token supply was allocated to Kava Labs shareholders, and the final 28.4% was assigned to the Kava Treasury, which will be used to grow the Kava ecosystem.

How is the Kava network secured?

The network of validators is used to confirm transactions. The duty of validation is taken up by these validators.
Kava holders can earn rewards directly from the protocol. Only the top 100 Kava nodes are eligible to receive these rewards.
Kava's smart contracts have been audited by a number of security firms.

Kava governance.
The Kava Network is governed by the KavaDAO.

Where can you buy Kava?

KAVA/USD and KAVA/EUR trading pairs are only available on Kraken, which is the most liquid exchange for KAVA.