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What is Kadena?
Kadena is a proof-of-work blockchain that combines the PoW consensus mechanism from Bitcoin with directed acyclic graph. While being able to offer unparalleled throughput that makes the blockchain usable to enterprises and entrepreneurs alike, Kadena claims it can provide the security of Bitcoin.
Industrial scale can support global financial systems and can be scaled as necessary. It vows to remain energy efficient at scale and deliver more transactions with the same energy input.
The network can be scaled from 10 to 20 if necessary.

Who are the people who started Kadena?
Kadena was founded in 2016 by two men. Stuart Popejoy has 15 years of experience building trading systems and infrastructure in finance. Will led the Securities and Exchange Committee's Cryptocurrencies Steering Committee and Qualitative Analytics Unit. Dr was a key figure in founding Kadena.

What makes Kadena unique?
Kadena offers a public proof-of-work blockchain with unparalleled throughput by combining two separate consensus mechanisms.
Kadena is able to achieve this by braiding chains together, meaning that it offers not one but several separate blockchains that all work simultaneously and asynchronously. Kadena can increase its throughput by minting multiple blocks at the same time.
Kadena uses a directed acyclic graph structure to scale from one proof-of-work to an unlimited amount. Kadena's DAG structure is fixed and multi-channel, meaning it only communicate with three peer chains.
Kadena can be scaled according to the needs of its users. The network needs to undergo a hard fork in order to scale and add additional blocks.

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How many KDA coins are in circulation?
KDA has a total supply of 1 billion. As a miner's reward, it is used to pay for gas. Several rounds of KDA were pre-mined by Kadena. The first private token sale raised over two million dollars. The second round raised 17.2 million KDA.

Over 100 years, 700 million will be emitted from mining. 200 million will be emitted over nine years. 90 million are investors, strategic reserve, and contributors. 10 million were burned at launch.
171 million KDA is circulating.

How is the network secured?
Kadena uses a chain architecture called Chainweb. With the addition of new chains, throughput increases linearly. As Kadena chains achieve a single view of transaction history, this increases security.
Kadena's smart contract language is called Pact and is human-readable and Turing-incomplete.

Where can I buy Kadena?