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What is Joe?
The native token of Trader Joe is JOE, which is a DEX on theAVAX platform. Since it was launched in June, the exchange has attracted over $4 billion in total value locked. Trader Joe claims to prioritize innovation, speed and safety. It wants to provide a one-stop-shop experience and to integrate new products without compromising on security. Trader Joe has an ambitious plan to achieve this.

Who are the people who started JOE?
Trader Joe was founded by two developers. A full-stack and smart contract engineer by the name of Cryptofish, he was an early contributor to several Avalanche projects. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from a U.S. university. He was a Senior Product Lead at Grab.

What makes JOE unique?
Trader Joe has all the features of a modern DEX with a convenient user interface and cheap transactions. JOE can be staked and used to vote in governance proposals if users participate in one of its yield farms. The compound protocol allows users to borrow and lend funds in a non-custodial manner.
Trader Joe is trying to increase the utility and adoption of the JOE token by introducing several new options. Users will be able to use JOE as a security. Trader Joe will allow limit orders, options and futures trading on its platform.

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How many joe coins are in circulation?
500 million is the total supply of JOE. There was no pre-sale, private sale or pre-listing allocations for the token.

50% of the time it's liquidity providers. 20% is treasury. The team is on a three-month cliff. There is a three-month cliff for future investors.
JOE is being emitted over a 30-month period and JOE stakers earn 0.05% of all trades. JOE pays a share of fees from lending interest and liquidating into the pool.

How is the network secured?

The Trader Joe community plans to establish a multi-signature governance mechanism in the future.

Where can you buy joe?
TraderJoe, Pangolin and Gate.io have Joe available.