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Jasmy coin is what it is.
Jasmy Corporation is a Tokyo-based Internet of Things provider. The Internet of Things has mechanical and digital elements that can transmit data.
The Jasmy platform restores and protects the sovereignty of individual data by combining the internet of things with the internet of things and giving users full control over their personal information.
Jasmy developers want to create an environment where users can easily, safely and smoothly use data. Jasmy wants to provide its users with a powerful infrastructure, an intuitive interface and a secure environment for storing and sharing data.
Jasmy uses edge computing and IPFS to store data.
Who are the people who created JasmyCoin?
Jasmy was founded in Tokyo in April 2016 by several former Sony executives including Masano, who was the CEO of Sony Style.com Japan.

Major players in the digital industry include Transcosmos, Panasonic and VAIO.
What makes Jasmy coin unique?
Jasmy is addressing challenges in the digital age.
Jasmy gives its customers the right to manage their own data.
Jasmy offers a data processing policy in which the information-gathering of customers is carried out properly.
Data management is built on security and trust with the Jasmy network.
The JasmyCoin project is trying to support the highest possible level of safety and security of the market, and the active use of internet of things devices helps to reduce fraud.
Personal data is kept in a secure storage. The Jasmy network uses IPFS technology, which includes the Security Knowledge Communicator and Smart Defender. After the registration and identity verification stage, it is possible to track transactions and manage data. The personal information of the owners is given permission to be used by investors.
The Jasmy project has some advantages.
The platform protects the data.
A double layer of protection is provided by the system, which ensures the security of shared data.
Jasmy builds a democratic decision-making environment.
Any type of user can access the Jasmy data with the expectation of contributing, innovating or creating value.
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What is the internet of things?
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How many Jasmy Coins are in circulation?
JasmyCoin is a utility token that keeps the network running, it is deployed on the ethereum platform and operates as an ERC-20 token.
The main use of the token is to pay for personal data from the internet of things. Customers can use the platform to purchase products and protect information.
There is a maximum supply of 50B coins with 4.75B $JASMY in circulation.
There was no initial coin offering.
How is the Jasmy coin network secured?
The certificate for the JASMY smart contract, which was audited by SlowMist, a security firm that provides cybersecurity auditing and protection for digital assets, is available here.
JasmyCoin is a Japanese coin that is subject to all kinds of financial audits and complies with the legal requirements of Japanese legislation, which strictly regulates transactions with cryptocurrencies. Jasmy is a legal platform that is subject to official registration. The role of the JASMY token is similar to shares. Jasmy may be held responsible for the exposure of investors and users' savings.
Where can you buy Jasmy coin?
JasmyCoin is currently available for purchase on a number of platforms.
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