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What is IRISnet (IRIS)?

IRISnet ( IRIS) is a project allowing enterprises to integrate the potential of blockchain. It is a secure, reliable and decentralized platform for creating enterprise applications, eliminating the gap between the blockchain and the business world.

IRISnet is another blockchain project designed to bridge the gap that exists between blockchain technology and business. The team believes that blockchain can be used outside the financial world to improve society. With the help of blockchain, companies can unlock great potential, and IRISnet is at the forefront of helping them realize this.

IRISnet hopes to realize its grandiose vision in several stages. In July 2021, the project will undergo a grand renovation. This will be the fourth stage, and it will focus on things like more innovation, specialized software development kits, mobile clients, and more interaction with the developer community.

Who is the creator of IRISnet (IRIS)?

Behind the creation of the project is the team of Bianjie AI, a high-tech company from Shanghai, founded in 2016, led by Harriet Cao and Haifeng Xi.

The IRIS network got its name from the Greek goddess Iris, who is considered the personification of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods.

What is the uniqueness of IRISnet (IRIS)?

The uniqueness of the project lies in the role of the participants of its network. There are three types of players in the IRIS network: consumers, suppliers and profilers.

№1. Consumers

These are users who use services outside the network, relaying requests and receiving feedback from the network.

№2. Providers

These are users that monitor and process requests outside the network and relay them on the network. Providers can also be consumers of the services of other providers. Providers charge a fee in IRIS for their services

№3. Profilers

These are users who perform various processes on behalf of the IRIS Foundation. Profilers maintain accurate supplier profiles so that consumers can make informed choices when choosing them.

How many IRISnet tokens are in circulation?

If there is no maximum offer, 1,445,156,854 IRIS is in circulation, and the cost of the token today is - 0.03329532 USD. The daily trading volume was 2,007,879 USD, and the market capitalization was 48,116,952 USD.

How is the IRISnet network protected?

IRISnet is a blockchain project with network protected by the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus.