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What is IOST?
IOST is described as an "ultra-fast", fully fledged and decentralizationd network with its own nodes, wallets and based on the "proof-of-believability" consensus protocol.

Who are the people who started IOST?
The project was launched in January of last year.
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In the U.S. and China, he has founded other tech companies. He sold his first company for 40 million dollars, which was a marketplace where students could exchange class notes.
Wang worked as a software engineer for the ride-sharing company.
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Li worked as an investment banking associate and a data scientist. He received a degree in applied mathematics and computer science.
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Xiao co-founded Dora with Jimmy and Sa.

What makes IOST unique?
IOST hopes that its open-sourced infrastructure will serve as the basis for online services in the future.
The team has developed a proof-of-believability consensus algorithm to make sure transactions on the network are secure and efficient.
One of the biggest challenges that IOST aims to resolve is how big companies may not be able to embrace the technology unless they are able to scale.
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The best way to understand IOST is to compare it to its nearest competitors, such as Ethereum.
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In order to reach these transaction speeds, the IOST team has created a novel architecture, which combines several innovations.

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How many IOST coins are in circulation?
There is a total token supply of 21 billion.
The IOST team got 10%, investors and advisors got 2.5%, and the rest was retained by the IOST Foundation.

How is the IOST network secured?

IOST claims to be able to handle heavy loads because it is built for enterprise use.

Where can IOST be purchased?

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