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INU. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.0003032

INU is a question about what it is.
The $INU token is a community-based token. The goal of INU is to propel the industry towards decentralization while providing fair market access to a decentralized economy that facilitates and encourages transactions.

How many INU token are in circulation?
INU was launched in June of 2022. Half of the 500 trillion token were taken out of circulation and sent to a burn address.

Who are the people who started INU?
INU was founded as a token. The owner of the contract left the project to the community. The project has become a labor of love for the community because of the strong and mature leadership skills of many of the members.
INU is unique.
The rate of decay is**. Many projects are centralized or in the process of centralizing in nature which goes against one of the core tenets of cryptocurrencies.
There is an hourly rate of regulatory activity. There are very few projects that are thinking about the future. The regulations are the elephant in the room.
The way a project begins and operates is very important to us. This is the reason why the INU community has chosen to remain undecentral. INU has not implemented buy/sell taxes on token transactions because of regulatory anticipation.
There is one Tokunaga. There will be goods, services, and transactions that exist for the benefit of INU token, rather than having a different token for each transaction. The main focus of the INU community should not be detracted from by extra token.
The economy building The economy must be created to sustain any project for a long time.
The ownershipSHIP was reunified. INU has a contract that has been revoked. No one can have complete control over the project.
There is a global team leadership. INU is not centralized in one part of the world. Various aspects of the project and events are being worked on at the same time as work is being done. INU member's wide and vastly different life experiences contribute to making the community diverse in nationality and thought. Anyone can volunteer in any capacity that is needed.