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Internet Computer. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 9.02518308

What is the internet computer?
The internet computer is powered by innovations in cryptography. It is the first "World Computer" that can be used to build almost any online system or service, including demanding web social media, without need for traditional IT such as cloud computing services.
A Web3 accessory.
Imagine creating a group chat to organize your next vacation with friends, playing a social game, or interacting with photos and videos uploaded by your crush - social networks are now part of everyday life. They pose a number of privacy issues for users, share sensitive information with corporations, and often overwhelm users with advertisements.
Web3 has the ability to fundamentally change this formula. A true World Computer can be used to build anything in a completely different way. It is now possible to build services that run entirely on the World Computer blockchain, which makes it possible to build web3 services in conjunction with traditional IT, such as cloud computing services. It is possible to assign control of these services to community DAOs.
Users are becoming both owners of web3 services and also part of the team that runs them, for example by referring other users, to drive viral growth, or helping with important tasks such as content moderation. Web3 services can tokenize, just like a blockchain, because they are fully Decentralized under the control of a DAO.
Services like this are already being built on the Internet Computer, which has provided the World Computer capabilities andFunctionality necessary.
There is world computer Functionality.
Adding World Computer functions to the public internet is the purpose of the internet computer block.
Because of the Internet Computer, developers use smart contract software to build online systems and services. Game-changing advantages can be provided by using smart contracts. The increasing number of hacks afflicting business and society can be solved by the fact that systems and services do not have to be protected by firewalls. One advantage is that web3 services built on the internet can process and create new economic rails.
The Internet Computer has a smart contract feature.
Web3 developers can build services. They can use Chain Key TX to process token on other blockchains.
On the Internet Computer, smart canister contracts pay for their own computation using a reverse gas model.
The Internet Computer supports a new system.
Because web3 services can be built 100% on the blockchain, they can be placed under the full control of community DAOs, which perform all configurations and updates.
The Internet Computer network is controlled by an advanced DAO that is integrated into its protocols.
Why does the token have value?
There are three main utilities. When ICP is converted to cycles, it disappears, creating deflationary pressure. Voting neurons that generate voting rewards can be created with the help of the Network Nervous System DAO.
How does the internet work?
The internet runs on a network of special devices called routers. Some are installed in homes, while others are expensive and specialized.
Most Proof-of-Stake blockchains are hosted by validators that are often spun up on cloud computing services. The internet computer can't be hosted this way.
The token gets its name from the Internet Computer Protocol, orICP, which is where the machines connect. The internet computer uses a Proof-of-Useful-Work model for its network model.
The network can host more smart contracts, computation and data if there is more capacity in the network. The hosted smart contracts and users don't see these subnets.
The internet computer has a chain key. It allows the Internet Computer to have public chain keys. The chain keys of the blockchains can be used to verify interactions.
The Internet Computer is able to combine its blocks into a single block with the help of a chain key. Other things can be made possible with the help of a chain key. Smart contracts on the Internet Computer can serve interactive web experiences directly to end- users.
Chain Key TX has been made available to smart contract developers. They can use this to create signed transactions that run on other blockchains. An internet computer developer can create and send and receive bitcoins directly on the ledger without using bridge services.
The internet computer has many unique features.
The Network Nervous System is an advanced permissionless DAO that runs on the Internet Computer network. The machines are told how to structure the network.
The NNS tells the nodes to join and leave the subnets.
The Internet Computer is used by developers to build smart contracts. canisters are bundles of WebAssembly bytecode and persistent memory pages. The logic of the smart contract is implemented by the bytecode, which runs in its own memory, interacting with other smart contracts using message passing.
Canister smart contracts can be used to build anything.
Rust and Motoko are the main languages used for Internet Computer smart contracts.
The best way to understand how the Internet Computer works is to visit internet computer.org.

Who created the computer?
The DFINITY Foundation is based in Zrich, Switzerland, and runs R&D centers in Switzerland and California. The majority of the people employed by DFINITY were in R&D.
In October of 2016 the DFINITY Foundation was founded in Switzerland. The name datememe was shortened from "decentralized" in early 2015.
In February of last year, the DFINITY Foundation ran an initial coin offering to raise funds.

Where to buy an internet computer?
Internet Computer can be found at a variety of exchanges.
The name of the company is Binance. Huobi Global OKX

What are some prominent projects in the internet?

Defi is a word.
The Internet Computer's reverse-gas model and 1 second transaction finality give users zero gas fees and lightning fast speed for swaps, transactions, and more.

NFTs are used.
The lead artist behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection showed a new collection of NFTs on the Internet Computer at Art Basel, allowing for bigger file sizes. ORIGYN, a NFT marketplace building on the Internet Computer, saw its valuation soar to $300 million following a round of investment from Paris Hilton and Bill Ackman.

There are games.
Both World of Warcraft andMinecraft have been merged.

DSocial is a way for content creators to be fairly rewarded for their work and engagement. Polychain Capital led a $9 million seed funding round for DSCVR, a Web3 take on Reddit.

IC Gallery is a 3D metaverse where users can play, mint, and trade their NFTs through various 3D experiences. Shiku Metaverse will consist of 100 unique planets and will be fully integrated with Yumi NFT Marketplace.