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Injective. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 26.53205031

Check out our deep dive of Injective Protocol to learn more about this project.

Injective is an open, consensual, layer-one blockchain for building DeFi applications.

Injective can be used with multiple layer 1s, including, but not limited to, Polygon and Solana, through an upcoming Wormhole integration.
Multi-chain smart contract transactions are possible through Injective through CosmWasm. Automatic smart contract execution is possible with Injective.

The INJ token can be used in a variety of ways. Protocol governance. dApp value capture. Proof-of-Stake security is based on tendermint. There are incentives for developers. Staking

Developers can use the Injective network to: Fast transaction times and instant finality are some of the benefits of cross-chain De Fi applications. Deep cross-chain liquidity and novel financial instruments are available. Permissionlessly create and list new markets on exchange dAPPS built on Injective. Access various dAPPS built on top of Injective with zero gas fees. Injective Protocol (INJ) is what it is.
Injective is a ledger for finance.
Injective provides powerful core financial infrastructure primitives that applications can use. Spot, futures, and options are all fully on-chain.
Injective's smart contract platform is based on CosmWasm and has advanced interchain capabilities.
There are over 150,000 community members in the Injective ecosystem.

Injective token, what is it?
INJ is the native token of Injective. The burn auctions on Injective are unique due to the fact that 60% of the fees collected from dApps are auctioned off every week. The supply of INJ will decrease over time because of this. The INJ burn auction helps build value for the entire Injective community.
The use cases intended for INJ include but are not limited to: protocol governance, dApp value capture, Proof-of-Stake, developer incentives and staking.
The INJ token governs every single component of Injective. The Injective community has contributed to governance since its mainnet launch. In order to maintain the deflationary nature of INJ, 60% of all fees generated from dApps enter an on-chain buy-back-and-burn auction. INJ is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Security that is based on tendermint. 40% of fees generated by users on dApps built on Injective go towards incentivizing new developers building on Injective which brings an ever growing funnel of builders to Injective.

Who are the founding members of Injective Labs?
Injectvie Labs was the first company to contribute to Injective Protocol.
Injective Labs is co-founded by Eric Chen. Prior to founding Injective, he worked as a researcher and trader at a major coin fund where he led innovative market neutral trading efforts in the space as well as investments into companies such as 0x.
Albert is the head of Injective Labs. He was a software development engineer at Amazon after graduating with a degree in computer science.

Injective Protocol is unique.
Injective has the most advanced financial infrastructure for building DeFi applications. There are people in this picture The key elements of Injective include: It's a little bit Injective is a start of the art interchain L1 that is able to achieve ultra fast speeds while charging zero gas fees. Injective is capable of supporting a diverse array of trading and yield generation activities across distinct layer-1Blockchain networks. Injective is governed by its community in which all new innovations are voted on. Injective is the most comfier with native connections to Etheruem and many more. You can quickly modify any parameters to fit your use case with fully customizable products. The intuitive developer experience is powered by Rust and Golang. A 99% lower carbon footprint can be achieved through Injective's Tendermint PoS consensus mechanism.

The injecting protocol network is secured.
The Injective Protocol uses a Proof-of-Stake mechanism.
Instant transaction finality is achieved by Injective's consensus mechanism.

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