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Immutable X. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 2.60335436

What is Immutable X?
Immutable X is the first layer-two scaling solution for NFTs. According to Immutable X, it is possible to have a poor user experience, a slow developer experience, and a poor user experience with the Immutable X platform. Users benefit from instant trading and massive scale while enjoying zero gas fees for minting and trading NFTs.
Users will be able to create and distribute assets on a massive scale thanks to this technology. Chris Clay, the game Director of Gods Unchained, stated that Immutable X allows Gods Unchained to implement a new meta-system that was previously impossible.

Who are the people who created Immutable X?

The team is made up of people from different areas like finance, management consulting, and technology. It raised a seed round and a Series A.

What makes Immutable X unique?
Immutable X is one of the first layer-two solutions that focus on NFTs. The project is at the cutting edge of development because of the growing importance of Zk-rollups as a scaling solution.
The promise of this layer is important. Every interaction related to NFT like minting, trading, and transferring is simple to call on Immutable X.
Users won't have to switch networks when connecting their wallet.
With a shared global order book, NFT marketplaces can be built without a back-end. Third-party marketplace solutions can coexist with the protocol's native marketplace.

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How many Imx coins are in circulation?
IMX is the protocol's native token. 20% of the protocol's fees must be paid in IMX, and users can stake IMX to receive a proportional share of the network's fees. The governance proposals can be voted on by token holders.

There are user rewards, developer grants, and marketing purposes. 25% is project development. One year cliff, monthly unlocks over two years are included in the private sale. The public sale is for six months. One-year cliff, monthly unlocks over four years are related to the Foundation.

Is the Immutable X Network secure?
Operators can set their own trading fees on Immutable X. A 51% attack on Immutable X is unfeasible as it is not a centralized side chain but benefits from inheriting the native security of theEthereum. The proof of a transaction is stored on the layer-one blockchain, but assets are traded on the second-layer blockchain.
Immutable X chose to stay on ether because the team considers it to be the best solution for the philosophy of trustless asset ownership.

Where can you buy Immutable X?
IMX can be found on OKEx, FTX, Huobi Global, Bybit and Bitget.