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Hive. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.3647965

Hive, what is it?
Hive uses a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. It launched in March 2020 as a gateway from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Examples of use cases include social media with monetized rewards for content creators, identity management, micro-loans and more.
Hive is a social network of apps and services where users discover the capacity of the technology, connect to the platform and securely share their content.
Hive is an open source platform that focuses on scaling through sidechains, while still benefiting from a common layer-1 platform to ensure distributed data integrity.

Who are the people who started Hive?
The announcement of the project was made by members of the Steem community. The Hive platform was born out of the struggle for control over management between the two companies.

Hive is unique, what makes it so?

Hive has a future-proof system.
All posted content is stored on the Hive. Voting for content creators can be done with HIVE and HBD token within a 7 day period.
Developers can use the blockchain to create, deploy and run dApps.

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How many Hive Coins are in circulation?
The Hive network has a native coin called HIVE.
HIVE has no maximum supply.

How is the Hive network secured?
The DPoS consensus mechanism is used to build the Decentralized Block Chain. Users can stop delegating at any time, and witnesses can create blocks randomly, if they choose, on behalf of investors.
Users of the platform have a stake in the network, which is represented by locked coins and stored in a special wallet in order to protect the protocol.

Where can you buy Hive?

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