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What is the name of the street?
High token is a native token of a metaverse built with virtual reality. Highstreet introduces a market where in-game items can be redeemed for real-life products.

Street, a utility token, is acquired through completing various tasks in the game.
The token went live in October of 2021. The game is currently in private alpha testing with the public alpha testing coming towards the end of the year according to the company.

Who are the people who started Highstreet?

Highstreet was formerly a computer vision company. It was focused on elevating retail experience through the use of virtual reality technology.
He is an experienced software developer with a background in virtual reality.
Jenny graduated from Bard College in New York with a degree in electronic art and political studies. She is an award-winning virtual reality film producer, a devoted art collector and a successful businesswoman.

What makes Highstreet unique?
Highstreet blurs the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds. All the in-game items are represented on the platform in fractions.
Every product sold on the market is ensured by the project.

Video games are currently taking over the industry of group entertainment for the young audience, which provides brands with an opportunity to expand their consumer market.

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How many high coins are in circulation?

100 million high is the total token supply.

How is the Highstreet network secured?
High is a standard token.

When will high trading begin?
The high first sale was in October of 2021.

Is it possible for high to hit $50?
High was on sale for $1. After the announcement of the beginning of Highstreet alpha testing in late October, the token price went up to $32.18.

Where can you buy high?

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