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Handshake is what it is, what is it?

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Different participants across the internet rely on a centralized approach.
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Lee quit his job at Merrill Lynch to co-found Purse.

While working at a Big Four accounting firm, Poon became involved in the space.
Christopher Jeffrey is one of the co-founders.

Handshake is unique.
Handshake is one of the most unique features because it is not a project looking to decentralize current infrastructure.

The white paper states that the Handshake naming protocol is different from its predecessors in that it has no idea of namespacing or subdomains at the consensus layer.
Handshake aims to decentralize or reduce dependence on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

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How many coins are in circulation?
There are approximately 355 million coins in circulation, and the maximum supply of Handshake coins is 2.04 billion.

How is handshake secured?
Handshake uses the same principles of proof-of-work as Bitcoin, and uses the unspent transaction output of the blockchain.

Where can you buy handshake?
There are more than a dozen exchanges where Handshake is traded.