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What is the name of the guild?
There is a fantasy action game on Immutable X. The goal of the game is to become the world's most popular game, where players can earn rewards in the process.
The game will be available on both mobile devices. Training a team of heroes to collect resources and engage in challenges is the focus of the game.
Over 220,000 followers have been amassed by the Guild ofGuardians on different social media channels in its short time of existence.

Who are the people who founded the guild?
The team at Stepico Games is working on Guild of Guardians. Over 20 people with experience in start-up founding and mobile game development are working full-time on the game.

What makes Guild ofGuardians unique?
A familiar style of game design is combined with new elements from GameFi to create a wholesome experience for players. The artwork of the game is inspired by the classics. Orcs, elves, humans and others can be part of a team for players. The team is sent into the dungeons to fight.
All heroes have unique properties that affect their strengths and weaknesses. When fighting monsters, heroes can belong to three different groups, which can affect their weaknesses and strengths. A hero can belong to any of the different classes. The relative power level of heroes is influenced by elements and rarities, with abilities and ascension levels impacting a hero's development and synergy with the team.
NFT items can be created by crafting materials. They can earn materials by completing dungeons. New heroes can be created by merging old ones into new ones, so that players can play their way up to the highest levels.

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How many GOG Coins are in circulation?
GOG, the in-game currency, is called Gems.

1. 2. 3.
The total supply of GOG is one billion.

Over 48 months, player rewards are released on a daily basis according to play time, character progression, and completion of daily quests. Community rewards are available immediately for community participation, third party development, partners and advisors. Developers are unlocked over 48 months and 12 months. 50% in treasury is available immediately and 50% unlocked over 48 months. There is a public sale. The private sale is unlocked over 30 months.

How is the guild of avengers secured?
Immutable X is a scaling solution for NFTs. Immutable X uses zk-rollups to achieve a much higher transaction speed than ether, at zero gas fees.
The go-to solution for many decentralization applications is the ether. The proof-of-work consensus mechanism requires miners to mine new ether and ensures that it is one of the safest in the industry.

When will Guild ofGuardians trading begin?