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Groestlcoin is a proof of work. It has a maximum total supply of 105 million coins, which is more than the 21 million for Bitcoin. Groestlcoin was created to create an electronic payment model that was based on mathematical proof. The proof of work system is used to facilitate online money transactions.
How does it work?
The Groestl coin is mined. Groestl was one of the five finalist. The S-box is used in a custom construction. The peer-to-peer model of thecryptocurrencies allows transactions to take place directly between the payers and payees. The details of the sender and receiver are not required to be verified by a bank or PayPal.
What does it want to accomplish?
Groestlcoin wants to be more functional for everyday payments. Merchants don't need to wait 10 minutes to confirm their payment. Individuals with less computing power have an opportunity to be mined for Groestlcoin. At a higher cost, companies and teams have created ASICs for Groestlcoin.