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What is the name of the station?
There is a self-styled "Web3 lifestyle app" with GameFi elements.
STEPN wants to change the market of fitness applications by incentivizing millions of users to follow a healthier lifestyle. proof of movement and a functioning gps system are some of the problems solved by the app.
The application has been open for five months and is now available for both mobile devices.

Who are the people who started STEPN?
STEPN was founded in August of 2021. Mr. As an industry representative of the South Australian Blockchain Association, Rong has served as an ambassador for Algorand.
A significant $5 million seed round was raised from some of the biggest venture capital firms in the world.

What makes STEPN unique?
Stephen wants to disrupt the fitness industry.
Users are incentivized to live a healthier lifestyle through a token reward mechanism. Users who download the app and create a wallet can buy a pair of NFT sneakers to start earning in the game. They can earn green token by running or walking.
The second revolutionary element of STEPN is the Gamification of fitness. Thanks to the app, STEPN gamifies movement and encourages users towards a healthier lifestyle. The app will add a Marathon Mode in the future, which will have weekly and monthly races.
Users can signal by living a healthier lifestyle and earning token for it, and by positively contributing to carbon neutrality. Users get an emotional and financial reward.

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How many coins are in circulation?
There is a utility token called GST and a governance token called GMT. The app's currency is earned for movement and has an unlimited supply.
Users have leveled up their sneakers to level 30.

Move and earn 30%. 30% is the ecology and treasury. The private sale was 16.3%. The sale was 7 percent. The team is :14.2%. Advisors are 2.5%.
The total release of GMT is halved every three years, and team and private sale token are subject to vested.

How is the network secured?
There is a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with partial Byzantine fault tolerance built into Solana. At their peak, it has 200 nodes that can process up to 50,000 transactions per second.

Where can I buy StephenGMT?
STEPN is available on a number of websites.
You can learn more about how to buy cryptocurrencies on the educational portal.