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GMT's mission is to make mining simple and accessible to everyone. We have been in the industry for a while. There are two products. The token is called the GMT. The company has a utility token that gives holders several opportunities at once.
It is accepted as a means of payment when buying NFT, including from the first NFTs that actually mine bitcoins.
It can be used for online purchases.
The list of game mechanics is constantly changing, and the token can be used to pay for them.
It is accepted when paying for a variety of services.
You can get royalties from sales through referral links.
There are many payment opportunities with the token.
Smart contracts are used on the Ethereum and BSC platforms.
Our primary objective is to bring the number of token in circulation up to 10,000,000,000, since the initial issue was 100,000,000.
The NFT: The Greedy Machines collection is our second product. There is a The Greedy Machines are images of digital miners that differ from each other in power, energy efficiency, and a large number of external attributes that owners can choose before buying. There is a The real computing power of our device fleet is the most important advantage of the NFTs. There is a Our works of art mine bitcoins.
The ERC-721 standard is used to issue The Greedy Machines. There is a The total computing power of the collection is over a hundred thousandths of a second. Each NFT has a series that shows the amount of computing power it has. There is a There are two ways to receive payments for our NFTs. There is a You can hold NFTs and get rewards in BTC every day. 2. There is a The holders can change their decision at any time. There is a
It is possible to make more money mining with NFT from The Greedy Machines collection.
There are three reasons for this. There is a 1. For 1 kilowatts, it's only 4 cents. There is a 2. You don't need to maintain your devices yourself if you purchase NFT. There is a 3. NFT holders can get additional discounts on electricity and maintenance. There is a NFTs are a quick and simple means.