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What is the name of the creature?
The Golem Project was announced in April of 2016 On April 10, the network was launched. The Golem Network is a new way of giving redundant computing power to people who need it. It creates a peer-to-peer network where users join on an equal basis to buy and sell computation, splitting complicated tasks into smaller sub tasks in the network.
GNT is the currency that drives our marketplace and is used to pay for computations on the network. When you are a Requestor, you set a bid for the amount of GNT you are willing to pay to have your task completed. GNT is earned by computing tasks for Requestors.
The Golem tools include:
Requestors and Providers are included in the Golem SDKs. Execution Environments are the ones that are used to execute. Javascript and Rust are included.
How many GNT/ GLM Coins are in circulation?
The GNT token sale ended on November 11th. The maximum cap was reached in 29 minutes with 1 billion GNT token created and distributed. The migration of the GNT token to the new token GLM took place on November 19th, 2020.

How did the network start?
In 2016 a group of people founded a factory in Switzerland.
The idea for Golem Network was presented in November. The first proxy-free and censorship-resistant environment for computer-intensive projects around the world is intended to be the Decentralized platform.
In order to build a more overarching platform for generalized distributed compute, the team needed a completely new architecture.

Where can I buy Glm?
GLM is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges.
As of October 2020, Huobi Global has the largest number of pairs.
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