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$ 2.32070531
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  • 223
    $ 2.32070531
    $ 139,041,210
    $ 29,569,820
    59,913,342 GTC
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What is Gitcoin?
Gitcoin describes itself as a community of builders, creators and protocols that have come together in order to develop the future of the open internet.
GTC was launched in May of 2021.

Who are the people who created Gitcoin?
Keving Owocki and Scott moore founded Gitcoin.

What makes Git coin unique?
Gitcoin is a platform that supports community building for open source projects.

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How many Gitcoin coins are in circulation?
15% is set aside for a retroactive airdrop, 50% is in the Gitcoin DAO and 35% is for existing stakeholders.
You can find more information about GTC's distribution here.

How secure is the Git coin network?
GTC has no economic value according to the token.

Where can you buy Git coin?
Gitcoin can be purchased on a number of exchanges.