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What is the name of the currency?
The Gemini Trust Company is a digital currency exchange and custodian that allows you to buy, sell and store digital assets.
The company received approval from the New York Department of Financial Services to launch the stable coin.

Due to the fact that this stable coin is completely regulated by the NYDFS, this dollar is intended to bridge the divide between the two industries.

Who are the founding fathers of Gemini Dollar?
The creators of the GUSD are Tyler and CAMERON WINKELvoss.
Tyler Winklevoss is the co-founder and CEO of Gemini, as well as the president of WinkDex.
The co-founder and president of the company is also the CEO of the company.
In 2004, they both graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Business Administration.

What makes a dollar unique?
The first U.S. dollar-backed stable coin to get regulatory approval is the Gemini Dollar.
The way that the Gemini Dollar is able to maintain a steady value is different from other traditional cryptocurrencies. This is not the same as Bitcoin, which can have extreme price fluctuations. There are certain things that are deployed to achieve stability. This can be done with advanced computation or binding a value to underlying assets such as gold.

How many GUSD coins are in circulation?

How is the Gemini Dollar Network secured?
The token is built on the ethereum network.
All of the private keys that are used to sign transactions are stored on a cloud storage system.

Transferring funds out of cloud storage requires multiple signatures.

Where can I buy the GUSD?
The GUSD can be bought and sold on several exchanges.
There is a person named Gemini.
There is a money transfer company called Coinbase.
Uni swap.
It's called DigiFinex.
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