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Gains Network brings its trading architecture to Polygon.
Stock with 100x leverage and major foreign exchange pairs with up to 1000x are examples.
Commodities and indices are on their way.
Major innovations
minting/burning the GNS token is a simulation of the trading PnL. There is no funding fee or capital borrowed for leverage. Any asset with any leverage is supported. There was no order books for each pair of GNS/DAI. There is a layer on top of the GNS/DAI liquidity. There is less slippage with the Collaterals only going through the liquidity. It's the first-of-its-kind on-demand Chainlink DON. Spot prices only, no derived price.
There is a field called tokenomics.
The token is necessary for the architecture. There is long-term deflationary pressure on the GNS supply from trading losses. Significant share of the trading fees going to GNS.