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What isFUNToken?
The FUNToken was developed for the online gambling and gaming industry. FUN is a powerful resource for players, platforms, and developers due to its combination of the qualities of the Ethereum and cutting-edge tech stack.
Use the XFUN Layer 2 token to quickly wallet-to-wallet and in-game transactions. Transactions are transparent. The Layer 2 token XFUN is used in the Seamless - FUNToken to make processes faster and easier. Everyone can use FUNToken's power. The ownership of FUNToken is completely anonymous.
Existing product development and extension encourages other gaming operators to take advantage of the FUNToken and player base thus increasing usage of the token
The XFUN is more performant and less expensive than ether. This token can only be used through a bridge mechanism.
The XFUN wallet is a secure way to hold and switch FUN and XFUN.
Transactions on the XFUN wallet are gas free.
50% of any profits are burned to ensure that the FUNToken stays value into the future.

What makes FUNToken unique?
FUNToken wants to change the industry by moving players funds back into their hands and reducing operators'friction.
With the fast, gas free operation on Polygon now available via the mobile wallet, FUNToken provides a robust mechanism to access decentralized applications.
How many fun coins are in circulation?
The FUN token is pre-minted with no more issuances in sight. There is a maximum of 17 billion FUN token created in a pre-sale.
There was a second pre-sale for 11.173B of the token, but it was removed from the schedule. More than half of the reserved token were burned.
As the use of XFUN increases, the trading supply will be reduced.

How is the network secured?
The proof-of-stake (PoS consensus method) is used for FUN. PoS is an alternative to the proof-of-work.
PoS is an easy consensus method, which allows for greater flexibility in use cases.

Where can you buy fun token?
More exchanges are offering trades with his token because it is becoming more popular.

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