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What is Flamingo?
Flamingo is a Defi platform that uses the Poly Network interoperability protocol.
The Flamingo network is planned to be launched in several phases.

September 23, 2020 is the date of the token wrapper. September 30, 2020 is when swap and LP token staking will take place. October 28, 2020 is when Phase 3 vault launch and stable coin issuance will take place. The perp launch is November 25, 2020. December 23, 2020 is the launch date for the DAO.

Who are the people who founded Flamingo?
The founder of Flamingo is Da Hongfei, who is also known for co-founding one of the main competitors of ether: the Neo network.
Da Hongfei has a degree in English and technology from the South China University of Technology and has worked as the CEO of the IntPass consulting firm prior to teaching himself how to code.

What makes Flamingo unique?
Flamingo is a platform that combines multiple finance tools for Neo into a common platform that will be governed by its users.
Decentralized finance is a fast-growing trend in the criptocurrency industry that covers various financial solutions that operate on top of the criptocurrency. The idea of eliminating third parties and singular points of failure from monetary and financial systems is something that DeFi platforms are conceptually aligned with.
There are a number of use cases in DeFi.
Flamingo has a unique advantage because it is aiming to combine all the key financial instruments for the Neo token and make them available via a single platform that will be governed by its own users.

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How many Flamingo Coins are in circulation?
The FLM token will be distributed among the participants based on their actual participation in the network.
50 million FLM will be distributed in the first week after the Flamingo Vault launches.
40 million more FLM will be distributed after Flamingo swap is launched.
30 million FLM will be distributed among FUSD minters during week 6-9.
During week 10-13, another 30 million FLM will be distributed between FUSD minters and Flamingo Perp traders.
After the initial period of minting and the launch of the governing decentralized organization, there is no upper limit on the total FLM supply.

The Flamingo Network is secured.
Neo has a token compatibility standard called NEP-5, which is why FLM is secured by Neo.

Where can I buy Flamingo?
FLM token trading can only be received via direct participation in the Flamingo network, as of October 2020.