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What is Firo?
Firo is a private digital cash that focuses on being private.
Prior to Lelantus, it was the firstcryptocurrencies to code and launch a practical implementation of the Zerocoin protocol, which became one of the most prevalent privacy protocols in use, prior to it being replaced by Sigma and then Lelantus.
Who are the people who started Firo?
Firo was founded by Poramin Insom. He earned a masters degree in Information Security from the University of Baltimore, where he wrote a paper on a proposed practical implementation of the Zerocoin protocol.
The project's overall strategy, development and research goals have been led by Reuben Yap, who joined the project shortly after its launch. A well-respected speaker on the topic of online and financial privacy, as well as founder of one of Southeast Asia's earliest VPN services to combat censorship, and a vocal advocate of online and financial privacy, Reuben has been featured in a number of publications.
What makes Firo unique?
Firo's Lelantus privacy protocol and its predecessor, Sigma, rely on a specialized zero-knowledge proof called one-out-of-many proofs which does not require a trusted setup or exotic math/cryptographic assumptions.

In the Thai Democrat Party's primary election in November of last year, Firo's (then Z coin) was used.
Firo was renamed in October 2020.
How many Firo Coins are in circulation?
Firo has a circulating supply of over 12 million coins and a maximum supply of over 21 million.
How is the Firo network secured?
Firo uses a PoW-Chainlock hybrid consensus model in which several hundred masternodes are deterministically selected to perform a vote of the first-seen rule and lock in the block that is first seen. No reorganizations are allowed past this point as blocks are final with a single confirmation.
Firo's mining method relies on memory hardness to make it resistant to ASICs.
Where can you buy Firo?
Firo can be traded on a number of exchanges.
The name of the company is Binance. Huobi Global Gate.io is a website. The company is calledDigiFinex HitBTC There is an exchange for the virtual currency, thebitcoin.com.
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