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What is the FC Porto fan token?
Porto is a fan token on the BEP-20 network.
FC Porto is the second richest football team in Portugal and is known for its huge fan base. The PORTO token was launched. Fans can gain exposure to the football club by voting on decisions and gaining access to exclusive discounts and club rewards by holding the PORTO token.

Who are the people who created FC Porto fan token?
PORTO was launched on a platform.
The Lazio Fan token was launched after the partnership with several football teams. Football clubs can connect with their fans via the fan token from Binance.
The managing director of the project is a marketing manager with a history in the world of sports marketing.

What makes FC Porto fan token unique?

There are interactions.
The PORTO token can be used to interact with the players of FC Porto.

There is participation.
The fans will have the chance to vote on decisions made by the clubs, as their PORTO token gives them the ability to do so. This could also include selecting the club anthem.

It's called Monetization.
As time passes and more fans of the clubstart hold the utility token, the fan base of the token can increase.
Fans can use the PORTO token to purchase official merchandise and matchday tickets on the team's official website.

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How many FC Porto fans are in circulation?
There are 40,000,000 PORTO token in existence.

20% of the supply was reserved for developers, while 15% was reserved for the team.

The FC Porto Fan token network is secured.
The FC Porto Fan token is a BEP-20 token.

When did FC Porto fan token trading start?
The FC Porto Fan token began trading on November 6, 2021. The trading consists of four steps.
They had to commit their BNB token and sign the agreement before the subscription step ended.

Is it possible that PORTO can hit $1?
During the pre-sale launch, the PORTO token was worth $1.

Where can you buy FC Porto fan token?
The PORTO token is traded on a number of exchanges.